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Research and Literature Catalogue

Research & Literature Catalogue

Whilst popularity of the model is growing in the UK and on a global scale, there remains the need for some substantial research! The Foundation is committed to stregthening the growth of evidence backing the use of this model in practice, and is keen to support people with their interests and ideas.

If you are interested in putting together a research proposal or in completing a service evaluation we might be able to help you, so please get in touch!  If you are a member we may be able to put you in contact with other clinicains working in the same field, or we could advertise your research to our network.  Any ideas big or small we are interested to hear them.

Contact our Research Representative Tori Wolfendale or any of the Foundation Team and tell us what your ideas are.

You may not be seeking help, maybe you're already involved in research, or you've presented something at a conference.  We would still love to hear from you so we have a clear picture of the development activity happening.  With this information we would like to promote the work being done by Clinicians and Researchers, and share it with our far reaching audience. 

In order to support this initative we maintain a database of all the up to date literature so that anyone interested in developing their practice can read about the model, and if you've got something to share, we'd like to add you too.  It is a searchable literature catalogue of all the available literature on the model. It also contains conference presentations and conference posters. You can search the catalogue using a key word search.

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